We started at the kitchen table with an Ipad.  We wanted to make a beauitful product with lasting quality and timeless design. 

So we set out to develop a blanket that is so soft, warm, cozy and decorative.

Frustrated with the lack of stylish options, using years of design experience, Kander was created.

Our Story Starts Here

In June of 2020, during one of the most difficult and trying times in the United States, known as the covid pandemic, a blended family was created.  Maybe it was the newly confined conditions we all adapted to living, or just classic fate, but we were determined to make things work. 

The Company

Katie Anderson has a passion for design.  Having a degree from FIT in New York, her goal was to set out and create a brand that was rooted in her love of subtle color and luxurious fabrics.  In October of 2020, she set out to create soft and warm blankets that were crafted of the highest quality at an affordable price.  Today Kander is loved by our amazing customers across the world as well as celebrities and social media personalities.